Welcome to the Test Centre.


This site has been developed in association with Prudential, and is to be used in conjunction with the Gap Fill webinars you've will already have viewed.


The tests all consist of a series of questions with multiple choice answers. In order to pass the tests, you will need to achieve the required pass mark which will be indicated at the top of the test.


If you do not have time to complete a test, or you wish to review the video before returning to complete it, you may save your answers at any stage by clicking the 'Save for later' button at the bottom of the test.


On completing the test, if you have achieved the required pass mark, you will be able to download a digital certificate to keep or print off for your own records.

If you fail a test, you will need to take it again from the beginning.


If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss any aspects of the Test Centre, please get in touch either by calling us on 0808 234 0808, or email us at prudential.distribution.team@prudential.co.uk.